Walking Vertical Antenna


2 meters /70 centimeters

Enjoy enhanced transmission on your portable HT radio while Hiking, Walking or Backpacking... where you never could before!

This new Walking Hiking Stick Vertical Amateur Radio Antenna was designed from the original Search and Rescue US Patented antenna in the 1980-90’s by KF7ZDT. This combination antenna and hiking stick was known as the PowerTracker, and used by Emergency Public Services Personnel as a dragstick; along with other Emergency Organizations throughout the Continental US, Canada, Alaska and S/C American.

Take your station with you...

Anyone who has ever used an amateur radio VHF or UHF HT while hiking in canyons or around mountainous areas knows that rubber ducky antennas do not have the signal gain and radiant angel to get the job done during regular or emergency communications.


Ham radio (Amateur) operator KF7ZDT then KA7QQH, who also was a Sheriff's Man-Tracker with the local SO in Arizona, designed the original Walking Vertical over 25 years ago to overcome this problem.


   Now you can own one for yourself called The Walking Vertical Antenna for 2 meter / 70 centimeter amateur bands!

Inventor Scott Hensler (KF7ZDT then KA7QQH) shown is demonstrating the original US Patented Walking Vertical Antenna in 1990’s called the POWERTRACKER, used by Search and Rescue / Emergency Services as a dragstick across the US including FEMA.

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PowerTracker shown

Works while walking

PowerTracker shown

Increase gain by holding it upward